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Giving Tuesday 2018

The days that I don’t have food at home, there’s food here and I’m able to eat and drink water and leave with a full belly and when I get home. I don’t have to worry about ‘should I make something, do I have money to make something?’ Which is great.
— Zuleny

What is Giving Tuesday?

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Click our image to share our facebook page!

Following Thanksgiving, Giving Tuesday is a day dedicated to giving to your favorite non-profit organizations and celebrated globally!

Our Youth Leaders need to eat too! The BAGLY Community Center is open over 70 hours a week and supplies both meals and healthy snacks for our youth leaders every single day. In addition, BAGLY provides meals for Monthly Family Dinner, the Ballroom Collective, and the Trans Youth Summit.

Your generous donation means you can continue to supply our community center with nutritious, sustainable meals and snacks to keep youth leaders energized and strong.

Our Story

Serving over 2,500 youth each year though its programs and activities, BAGLY has helped over 30,000 young people!

BAGLY is the nation's longest running LGBTQ+ Youth Organization in the nation! Founded in 1980, BAGLY provides a safe, non-exploitative environment where members can make friends, discuss experiences, and receive support, information and referrals about sexual orientation, gender identity and other issues of concern.

BAGLY’s Boston based programs includes social support, leadership development and health promotion programs. BAGLY serves as the coordinator of the GLBT Youth Group Network of Massachusetts, a network of over 15 community-based groups similar to BAGLY though out the state. BAGLY provides local and national expertise and advocacy in support of programs, polices and services for GLBT youth, through community organizing, public education, and state and national movement building initiatives.

I have no idea who I would have been without BAGLY, but I certainly got some of my favorite things about myself from them.
— Cal M

How will my donation help?

With your donation, we would be able to provide food, entertainment, clinic supplies, and opportunities for a youth outing to allow them to get together outside of the community center. All money raised on Giving Tuesday is going right into bettering their experience here at BAGLY. No donation is too small. We appreciate your support, and for choosing to donate to us this year! We wouldn’t be able to continue supporting our LGBTQ+ youth as long as we have if it weren’t for donors like you!

Mostly just being able to have a place to go and moral support and people who know that when you’re in a bad time when to be funny and make you laugh and when to sit there and listen
— -Tayleece, YLC Co-Chair