Marketing and Development Intern

We are looking for candidates suitable for interning with our Marketing and Development team! Our Marketing and Development team is responsible for keeping our social media up to date, promoting events, and creating content suitable for donors and youth alike. Their responsibilities include (but are not limited to): Updating the BAGLY website and calendar, promoting events using social media, running weekly social media reports, creating a weekly newsletter, and using various databases to track and import donations, contacts, etc.

What do you get?

BAGLY works hard to show its appreciation, care, and respect for everyone who volunteers or interns on behalf of the organization’s work to support LGBTQ+ youth.  We recognize that people are looking for internships and volunteer opportunities for all sorts of reasons - sometimes for school credit, sometimes to learn new skills  but always with an intense desire to make the world a better place for LGBTQ+ youth. At BAGLY we are happy to work with you to:

  • Obtain school/academic credits

  • Work with you to develop an enriching experience where you learn new skills and meet new people

  • Provide thoughtful references reflecting your tenure at BAGLY

  • Welcome you into the BAGLY family and create life-long friendships and bonds between staff, board members, and other volunteers

What do we look for?

  • Folks with excellent people skills and the ability to interact with all types of demographics of people including staff, youth, and donors.

  • Confidence and a willingness to learn.

  • Cultural competency regarding the intersections of identity(ies).

  • Creative, responsible, and flexible.

  • Team-oriented.

  • Proficient with or willing to learn Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

  • Knowledge of and experience with Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, and Twitter.

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.

  • A sense of humor!

BAGLY’s Values: Respect, Diversity, Social Justice, and Youth Leadership using the Brave Space Model:

  • Make room for discomfort

  • Own your intentions + impact

  • Examine your fragility

  • Recognize that respect is complex

  • Reflect on your participation

TO APPLY: email your resume to