Lala Shanks (she/they/he)


Lala is a pansexual demigirl who enjoys dismantling systems of oppression, playing Pokémon Go any chance they‘re granted, and fantasizing about one day having the Boston Terrier puppy of their dreams.

Lala has held several leadership and advocacy positions such as volunteering as an ambassador for the Massachusetts Youth Count, and leading a presentation at the Disability Intersectionality Summit. An avid learner, they never miss up the opportunity of attending a training or workshop to further their advocacy and/or artistic knowledge. They’ve recently graduated from Certified Peer Specialist Training.

Lala has served as a co-peer leader of BrAGLY, located in Brockton, since January of 2017. There they facilitate meetings, workshops, events, etc. They’ve recently joined BAGLY as one of two Co-Chairs.

Lala has plans of integrating their intersectional background in their work with BAGLY in aims of maintaining its values, its brave space, and also progressing the status, opportunities, and growth of its members.

When not working, Lala can be found advocating for larger peer-lead support networks, accessibility justice for disabled people and BIPOC/QTPOC, and planning their future of creating unconventional multimedia art. Also... still wishing on that puppy!