Narong Sokhom (he/they)


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Narong is a first-generation queer Cambodian-American, graphic designer, and gamer. He started working at BAGLY in September 2013 and is responsible for developing programming, coordinating leadership development curricula, and organizing youth-led advocacy initiatives. At BAGLY, he co-founded the Queer and Trans* Youth of Pan-Asian Descent program that started with the purpose to create more spaces for LGBTQ Asian youth and address the need for youth leadership around social justice and community building.

He is an advocate for ending HIV/AIDS stigma and he actively takes part in raising awareness on issues affecting LGBTQ Asian youth. In 2013, Health Resources in Action presented him the Public Health Youth Leadership Award for his involvement in making his community a healthier place. In 2014, he was one of six community members who were presented with the LGBQ/T Asian, South Asian, and/or Pacific Islander Visibility Award in recognition of their activism in LGBQ/T Asian Communities.

Narong is a former Peer Leader and Program Coordinator at the Massachusetts Asian and Pacific Islanders for Health. His work comprised of educating young people about sexual health and LGBTQ issues, coordinating youth leadership programming, and developing promotional materials. He hopes to build community, increase visibility, and reduce health disparities among LGBTQ pan-Asian youth in the greater Boston area.