Robson Govine (he/him)


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Robson Govine is currently the Director of Operations and has been with BAGLY
since 2013. In his role, Robson manages the day-to-day operations, including all
facilities and necessities needed to ensure BAGLY’s community center has what it
needs in order to maintain a safe and welcoming space for young queer people.
Along with this, Robson is responsible for BAGLY’s financial matters including
accounts payable and receivable, and contract management.

Robson holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from Central Connecticut State
University, and a certificate in Non-Profit Management through the Institute of Non-
Profit Practice and Tufts University. He is an AmeriCorps alumnus, and currently
holds years of experience, including working from programmatic and development
standpoints, within the non-profit sector.

Outside of work, Robson can be found either in the woods or at the beach, and
almost always with his dog Guster.