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MA Youth Pride 2018 - Tables

MA Youth Pride 2018 - Tables

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Free tables are available to:

  • high school GSAs/equivalents
  • college/university student-led groups (although a $50 is preferred)
  • non-profits with budgets under $250,000
  • sponsors who have pledged $1,000 or more

$100 tables are available to:

  • non-profits with budgets between $250,000 and $500,000
  • locally owned businesses located in Greater Boston
  • queer-owned businesses
  • POC-owned businesses

$150 tables are available to:

  • non-profits with budgets over $500,000
  • non-student-run college & university groups
  • corporate LGBTQ+ affinity groups

$250 tables are available to:

  • businesses outside of Greater Boston
  • anyone selling merchandise
  • non-LGBTQ+ affinity/corporate groups
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Purchasing a free table requests a free table at MA Youth Pride 2018. Verification of that request will arrive to you via a follow-up email. If you have not received a verification email from BAGLY staff, please contact us. All other purchased tables will be guaranteed upon successful processing of your credit card transaction. If your organization requires an invoice for your table purchase(s), please contact us.

Please note: free tables are only available to High School GSAs/equivalents, college/university student-led groups (although a $50 is preferred), non-profits with budgets under $250,000, and sponsors who have pledged $1,000 or more.

Some notes about tabling:

  • Set up is on Saturday, May 19, at Boston City Hall Plaza (upstairs from the Government Center T station) between 9:30am and 10:30am ONLY. Please stop at the registration tent to get your table assignment (tables will also be labeled). If you arrive before 9:30am, your table will likely not be ready yet!
  • BAGLY will provide 2 chairs per table, and a limited amount of tenting. There is no additional tenting permitted beyond what is provided by BAGLY. Personal pop-up tents are not allowed on City Hall Plaza.
  • Organizations that plan to have materials available, for sale or otherwise, must make sure that such items are age appropriate. By submitting your registration form, you, your organization, and its representatives agree to allow members of BAGLY to inspect your table materials and remove anything found to be inappropriate. If you are selling merchandise, youth-affordable pricing is suggested.
  • Be sure to bring tape/paperweights as needed to secure banners and prevent materials from blowing around. BAGLY does not provide these materials.
  • The Youth Pride Festival ends at 4pm. Tables will need to be cleared before this time so that event staff can begin to break down the tables/chairs for pick-up.