Please join Gary Greenbaum and the rest of Hewlett High School’s class of ‘78 in making a huge difference for the LGBTQ + youth community.

BAGLY has a wonderful new location near Faneuil Hall. However the storefront needs curb appeal. A celebratory statement of inclusivity with a welcoming rainbow flag appeal. Our goal is to fundraise enough so that the Boston Alliance of LGBTQ+ Youth can have a visible, fun, and celebratory storefront. The cost of this project is $1,680 but I hope that we can do more. Every dollar raised above $1,680 will go towards BAGLY’s most needed projects and programs, such as supplies for our health clinic, BAGLY’s Transgender Youth Summit, and monthly “Family Dinner” which provides healthy and filling meals to LGBTQ+ youth.

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BAGLY provides social support, leadership development, and health programming for LGBTQ+ youth and creates spaces where members can make friends and access support.