Zarie Locke (they/them)


Zarie, an Afro Latinx trans person of color, has been with BAGLY since 2016, first attending programming before wanting to take on more leadership roles in the YLC. They first became the Events Coordinator before switching roles, from People of Color Facilitator to Trans Facilitator. They then took on a year of Co-chair leadership, sharpening their skills in advocacy and public speaking. Zarie attended, publicly spoke at, and even helped organized many panels and events.

Recently, Zarie has become part of the HEARRTeam as the Trans Health Specialist, helping other young trans people into the BAGLY space, getting gender affirming wear and finding trans specific health services. For the last two years they’ve organized the annual Trans Youth Summit and is a proud holder of the Livingston Pangburn Award of 2017. Recently, their focus has been on speaking for overall trans health and competency which includes transgender sexual, mental, and physical health, as well as stressing the importance of having proper representation of trans people in the public health world, especially black and trans folks of color. They push for proper Education of this, for Trans folks to know about the care they are entitled to and for medical professionals to understand how to properly and respectfully care for trans patients.

Zarie also works in Homelessness advocacy and makes sure to bring light to the rising numbers of LGBTQ youth facing instability and homelessness due to non acceptance of their identity. Overall, all their work intersects and their main goal to make sure every day is better than the last for their trans sisters, brothers and siblings. Zarie is working on learning sign language and Spanish and loves art, sketching, painting, and poetry specifically. They're a huge animal lover and have an ESA Russian blue  cat named Achilles.They also love shopping for new button downs and playing Pokemon Go professionally.