Zuleny Gonzalez Acosta (they/them)


Hi, my name is Zuleny and my pronouns are they/them. I use any pronouns but they/them is preferred. I've been at BAGLY for a year. I was the People of Color meeting facilitator and talked about POC/LGBTQ+ topics like colorism, ableism, and racism. I transferred from POC Facilitator to Co-Chair. The reason I took this role is to have more responsibility and to help youth with the support they need. I also like this role because it shapes how I am as a leader and an activist. BAGLY has taught me many things like how to step up for myself when it comes to youth rights / LGBTQ+ issues. But when I am not at BAGLY, I like to paint/draw and be silly with people when they are around! I work at a local library so I am a bookworm and love to read about the important subjects like queer topics. I also work with organizations such as EPIC and the Safe Schools Program.