Aaron Gonzales (he/him)


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Aaron is responsible for supporting and developing the leadership capital of Greater Boston’s GLBTQ youth to make positive change in their communities. In this capacity he oversees the implementation of BAGLY’s youth-led community building, social support, and advocacy programming. He also provides GLBTQ youth worker support and training through BAGLY’s Adult Volunteer Program.

Aaron was one of twenty young Native American leaders chosen from around the country to organize and train community members to educate healthcare professionals on the specific healthcare advocacy and access needs of Native communities. He has also worked as Health and Cultural Educator at the North American Indian Center of Boston (a program of the Latin American Health Institute) where he directed the Circle of Wellness program, a prevention program for Native women, committed to reducing the rate of new HIV infection/co-morbid infections, and incorporating traditional Native remedies for help with side effects from HIV disease treatment. More recently, Aaron worked as Staff Supervisor for the Shiloh House, a girls residential treatment program at Battle Farm Village, a mixed-income housing complex in Brockton. Aaron is the former volunteer co-adult advisor for SSHAGLY (the South Shore Alliance of LGBT Youth) and has been an integral member of the GLBT Youth Group Network of Massachusetts since 2004.