Trainings And Panels

BAGLY Speakers Bureau

BAGLY’s Speakers Bureau is our longest continuously running program and is the oldest and largest LGBTQ+ youth speakers bureau in the country. We work with schools, youth organizations, service providers, and foundations in order to increase their capacity to provide programming that is inclusive of LGBTQ+ youth. Members of the program are highly skilled young LGBTQ+ public speakers who address their unique school, community, and family life experiences.

Workshops and Trainings offered:

Panels and Presentations such as:

  • LGBTQ+ youth health and wellness

  • Navigating being trans in schools

  • LGBTQ+ youth leadership

Facilitated Workshops

  • LGBTQ+ 101

  • Trans 101

Intersections of Identity: Queer, Trans, and POC

Are you an LGBTQ+ Youth interested in joining the Speakers Bureau?

Want to join the BAGLY Speakers Bureau? We prepare LGBTQ+ young people to actively participate in sharing their stories and changing communities. As a member of BAGLY’s Speakers Bureau, you will learn to communicate effectively in a variety of situations, particularly in front of an audience. In addition to learning public speaking techniques (like overcoming stage fright), you will learn how to connect with an audience on an emotional level and share your story!  BAGLY convenes two statewide Speakers Bureau trainings for LGBTQ+ youth each year. Contact Nico to find out more or to sign up for the next training.

Interested in hiring one of our speakers?

Want to schedule a BAGLY Speaking Engagement at your school or agency? Fees start at $100 per speaker depending upon size of organization and length of engagement. Fees compensate the youth speakers and support BAGLY’s programming and services for LGBTQ+ youth. We’re happy to accommodate panels and workshops to meet your needs! Contact Nico to find out more.